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Award Winning Footage
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Congratulations!  You made it to the NADAC Championships.  You’re in for the time of your life!

This year, we’re only filming the Championship days.  We won’t be there for Pre-Champs.

If you’ve never seen us before, here’s how this all works.  We sell our own USB drives and we don’t allow any other drives to be used on our system.  Our drives are faster and more reliable than any you’ll find in the big box stores.   We film every run, and will load your runs onto your drive, so you can take them home with you.  When you make it to the finals, we give you that run for FREE!  If you’re new, you’ll need to purchase a drive and we’ll bring it with us.  Then, just see us at our booth to pick it up at the end of the week.  Put your run order in your cart, from this page, (make sure you select the quantity which tells us how many dogs, i.e., if you have one dog, select 1, if you have two dogs, select 2, and so on) and then go to the USB page and put a USB drive in your cart.  Then, just checkout!

If you already have one of our USB drives, make sure you bring it with you and be sure to empty it.  We’ll reformat it so the drive is clean before we start loading it up with your Champs runs.


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  • Another Sample Footage from NADAC Champs 2013
    Another Sample Footage from NADAC Champs 2013
  • Sample Footage from NADAC Champs 2013
    Sample Footage from NADAC Champs 2013


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